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How To Make Your Office Reflect Your Brand

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. That applies to your office, as well. A good office design can make your company appear desirable to your clients, as well as to your potential employees—and it can help keep your current employees happy. If your company has a lot of competitors, it’s even more important to make sure your workspace is communicating stability, success, professionalism and even a sense of comfort and community.

At Desks Incorporated in Denver Colorado, we thought we’d share these six tips that can help your workspace make the right impression.

1.    It starts when customers walk in the door. Your reception area is the first thing customers, potential customers, employees and guests will see. You want them to feel welcome and comfortable. Your reception space should also have a consistent color scheme that reflects your brand. The seating should be inviting and comfortable (have you noticed how important comfort is?) Warm lighting is also important. Make sure you have relevant industry literature and magazines for visitors to read—and update them often, discarding old issues.

2.    Put your logo on it! Your company logo is an important part of your brand and showcases your company’s personality. Be sure to incorporate your logo into your office design so your visitors know exactly where they are and what you’re about. By using your logo throughout your office, it will demonstrate your confidence and passion.

3.    Your office design should be pleasing to the people who work there. You want your employees to feel good about their environment. By providing comfortable chairs and desks, relaxed breakout spaces and a well-designed layout, your employees will feel more appreciated, creative and productive.

4.    Lighting is important. If you must have fluorescent lighting, be sure to provide table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps that can soften the effect. Lighting can also add to the warmth and design of an office.

5.    The little things count. Be sure to include simple amenities like coffee machines, comfy seating areas and snack bars. Invest in plants, as well. The more relaxed and comfortable your employees and guest feel, the more productive and positive they’ll be.

6.    Make room for fun. By including playful items like games, beanbags, ball pits and even toys, you encourage playfulness and camaraderie among employees and even guests.

At Desks Inc., our design experts can help you create an office environment that reflects your brand and company personality beautifully. Whether you are furnishing a small office or a mega one, we have the knowledge, expertise and brand name new, Certified Preowned and used office furnishings that can bring your workspace to life.

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