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An Office Chair Is An Office Chair, Right?

Colorado Needs To Get Back To Business Safely

Little by little, Colorado is getting back to business. Restaurants are opening. Employees are starting to populate offices. COVID-19 has touched all of us, in our personal lives and in our business lives. And while things aren’t going back to “normal,” we’re discovering a new normal. So, how can Colorado businesses reopen their doors to employees, customers and potential clients safely? At Desks, Incorporated in Denver, Colorado, we want to be a resource for you as you navigate that path.

There’s an endless amount of information out there, some from experts, and some not. We’ve put together this information that can help you provide a safe working environment as you reopen your offices, headquarters and workspaces to a post COVID-19 quarantine world.

How Can You Adjust Your Current Office Design?

You don’t have to throw everything out and start over in order to have a safe workplace environment. We’re finding that most of the offices we’ve furnished and designed only require minimal changes and/or additions in order to safely accommodate employees. Most solutions are fairly inexpensive and non-disruptive. We’re happy to do a free evaluation of your space (in person or virtual) and provide you with ways to update the safety features of your office. Here are a few ways we can adjust the landscape of your current office configuration.

• Oftentimes we can reconfigure personal workstations, cubicles, hot desks and benching. It’s important to provide six feet between the sitting area from one person to another.

• We can add dividing panels between employees. They should be a minimum of 46”. For Sit/Stand desks you’ll need panels that are taller.

• We can convert porous materials on panels and screens (like fabric) into hard surfaces.

• Upholstery can be changed out to include surfaces that can be cleaned, like vinyl.

• By using a schedule of regular cleaning and disinfecting, it’s easier to keep offices bacteria-free.

• You might want to remove small meeting tables, excess lounge seating and ancillary furniture in order to reduce the space between people. These can be stored for future use.

• Signage can be added to assist in traffic flow patterns throughout your office.

• In private offices, remove excess guest chairs in order to maintain social distancing.

• In conference rooms, reduce seating so you’re accommodating fewer occupants in the same area. You might remove a large table and replace with several small ones that can be moved farther apart.

Talk To An Expert

Whether you’re reconfiguring a current office space or starting from scratch, the office design experts at Desks, Incorporated can help. We can help you provide a safe work environment for your employees and customers, and we even offer office disinfecting services!

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Need To Make Your Office Safer? There’s Financing Available

The Coronavirus certainly threw us for a loop. Many businesses shut their doors during the quarantine. Employees worked remotely. Unemployment went up and earnings went down. Now that the quarantine is lifting, many businesses realize they have to adjust their workspaces to honor social distancing and keep their employees, clients and potential customers safe. But when money is already tight, how can you afford to buy the dividing panels you need or change out porous surfaces for hard surfaces that are easy to clean? How can you afford to replace a large conference room table with multiple small ones so social distancing is easier?

Luckily, Desks, Incorporated, the trusted resource for office furnishings in Denver since 1956, offers innovative equipment financing solutions. It’s Ascentium Capital, and it allows you to finance both new and used office furniture for your place of business.

• Access competitive financing for up to $1.5 million

• Convenient terms for up to 84 months

• Finance agreements, leases and working capital loans available

• Deferred payment options to match cash flow

• Potential tax savings

More Than 100,000 Offices Designed Since 1956

Desks, Incorporated was founded in Denver in 1956. It’s family owned and operated and veteran-owned, as well. We’ve had the privilege of working with businesses large and small throughout the state of Colorado, from the Front Range to the Western Slope and throughout the Denver Metro Area. You’ll find the best brands at the most competitive prices at Desks, Incorporated. Whether you’re outfitting your new home office, updating your current office design to fit post-COVID-19 standards or creating a brand new workspace, the design experts at Desks, Inc. in Denver can help. Plus, we’ve probably got the financing you need! Contact us today.

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