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Avoid These Mistakes When Your Company Returns To The Office

Avoid These Mistakes When Your Company Returns To The Office

More and more Denver area businesses are having employees return to the office. And many Denver businesses are choosing to combine office and remote work—known as hybrid work—rather than solely working from the office. And why not? During COVID-19, many companies learned that working from home actually worked. If you’re going to utilize hybrid work in your office in Denver, here are a few strategies to avoid bad feelings, hurtful habits and other team troubles.

Be sure to embrace hybrid work at the executive level. If you’ve going to blend remote and in-office employees, you need to avoid the possibility of work-location bias. Don’t show favoritism for those working from home or from the office. An employee that comes into the office frequently isn’t more engage or more productive that a remote employee. Executives should set an example and work both remotely and in the office, even for critical or large meetings.

Don’t send a message of mistrust. Your employees worked tirelessly at home to drive the success of your company—while they had to balance family, education, health and justice issues! Continue to give them autonomy and flexibility as you move forward to a hybrid work environment. Don’t refer to the return to the office as “a return to work.” That diminishes what they’ve been doing for the past year and a half.

Don’t revert to old meeting planning techniques. You learned a lot about how to run remote meetings while still driving engagement and collaboration. In a hybrid work environment, meetings need to be designed for remote team member and in-person members. Be sure to treat them equally.

Embrace Post COVID-19 safety measures

Just because your team can now return to the office doesn’t mean your office is fine the way it was. Increased safety measures are essential for employees to feel confident in returning to the workplace. By installing sanitation stations, providing desk and counter shield dividers and creating new traffic corridors in your workplace, you can increase the safety and reduce health risks for your employees. The office furnishings experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver, Colorado are happy to help you integrate these safety features in your place of business. We’ve been helping businesses create ideal workspaces since 1956, and we’d love to help you.

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