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Best Office Trends for 2019

It’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and look forward to 2019. So what innovations, shifts and changes can we expect from office design in 2019? Without a doubt, office design definitely has an impact on the success of a business. Office optimization is definitely a thing, impacting employee retention and client impressions.

You don’t’ have to be an innovative high-tech company in order to appreciate and embrace innovative workplace designs. Because today’s innovations are being developed around what people want and need in order to be more productive, more content and more confident about a company’s brand.

2018 was all about the development of creative workspaces. 2019 looks to continue that focus with the use of experience-drive spaces that are employee-focused and aimed at cultivating overall wellness, happiness, community-building and boosting morale. Experience-Driven Spaces can include meditation areas, rock climbing walls, espresso and cocktail bars, game rooms, music stages and more. The exact elements should be driven by a company’s specific corporate culture instead of one-size-fits-all.

We’re also predicting more Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces which can bring multiple companies under one roof. These spaces enable companies to reside together while still operating separately.

Open format office spaces will be big, as well. Inspired by large Silicon Valley Corporate Offices, coworking spaces inspire collaboration, innovation, efficiency and flexibility. The design can include dynamic multi-use meeting areas, lots of glass, plants and greenery, lightweight mobile furniture, lots of desk space, comfy couches and absolutely no cubicles.

There will be a bigger spotlight on all things green in 2019, as well. How can you bring more of the outside in? More open space, more windows and the use of more nature-inspired design elements will be big, big, big in the new year. Think natural lighting, living green walls and, of course, LEED and FitWel certifications.

You’ll also see more Old Meets New design features, like antique and weathered textiles, modern design accents, old-world craftsmanship and glass and metals.

Talk to an Expert at Desks, Incorporated in Denver

At Desks, Inc. in Denver, our team understands the latest design trends and knows how to help you define the best elements to fit in your new office design, whether it’s a brand-new office or you are renovating your current space. We carry the top, innovative lines of office furnishings, as well as tried-and-true classics. We can also provide you with terrific options in refurbished office furnishings, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth. (You get great design at more affordable prices!) We look forward to serving you in 2019 and beyond!

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