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Budgeting For New Office Furniture

Budgeting For New Office Furniture

The past 18 months have been tough for most businesses, what with COVID-19 closures and restrictions. As offices have reopened, some offices have added disinfectant stations, plexiglass partitions and revamped common spaces. But what if it’s time to update your office furniture? How can you get the most bang for your buck? We asked the office furnishings experts at Desks, Inc. in Denver CO for tips about buying new office furniture in Denver on a budget. Here’s what they had to say.

Check Your Finances

The first step in building a budget for an office expenditure is to check your finances. You need (at the least!) a ballpark figure or plan BEFORE you start shopping. Take a close look at your business budget or plan and determine what your maximum expenditure can be. No matter what, DO NOT exceed this number when you are furnishing your office. Then, establish a budget for what you’d like to spend, leaving a little ‘wiggle room’ before hitting that maximum budget amount. Also, don’t forget to include the costs for delivery and assembly!

Check Out Your Furniture

What furniture do you have that can still be used? What do you want to get rid of? What do you need? Office planning takes planning. Do you want an open layout? Individual offices? A combination? Remember, some people work great in wide open spaces, while others don’t. Even job descriptions can determine whether a person works in an individual office with actual doors versus cubicles or open space.

Establish Priorities

Once you have created your list of what you have and what you need, list them in order of priority. For example, client-facing spaces should be higher on your priority list than spaces they don’t see. While the spaces only for employees are important, if your budget is limited, clients rule.

Need a Little Help?

Overwhelmed by the idea of updating your office and buying new furnishings? Don’t worry. Desks, Incorporated in Denver CO offers a free consultation with an office design expert. They will listen to your needs, concerns and ideas and can help create a plan to fit your budget. In addition, you’ll also find high quality refurbished office furniture for sale that can make your budget go further than you think! Plus, you might be able to sell your existing office furniture to Desks, Inc. Whether you are looking for contemporary, traditional, minimalist or other styles of office furniture, you’ll find the top brands and choices at Desks, Incorporated. Call 303-777-7778 today.

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