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Can Huddle Areas Actually Improve Productivity?

Today’s workspace has shifted to one that’s more open, synergistic and dynamic. Back in the day, employees were blocked off from one another in cramped cubicles. Now we see offices without walls and barriers. There are dedicated spaces for huddle areas where employees can feel more like a team and less like a divided unit. Here are four reasons that these huddle areas can improve your company’s productivity.

Great For Impromptu Meetings

We’ve all been there: we have a big idea and want to share it with our co-workers. In older office environments, it could take a long time to round everyone up in a conference room or meeting space. Meanwhile, the big idea is fading into frustration. By having easy-to-access huddle areas, employees can quickly and easily flow from their desks into a collaborative workspace where it’s easy to join in the excitement of the big idea.

Let The Creativity Flow

Yes, working in a solitary workspace can be a great place to concentrate on a task, but oftentimes a project needs a few sources of inspiration. Huddle areas bring employees together and let them freely bounce ideas off of each other. This can create a snowball effect that takes an “okay” idea and turns it into a BIG idea. Even employees that like to work alone can be surprised at how much better they perform in a huddle area.

Huddle Areas Are Efficient

Because technology is getting smaller and smaller, there isn’t as big of a need for ample workspace of the past. There’s no longer need for storing lots of paper files and big equipment. It makes sense to have smaller workspaces and even more sense to create those spaces in more efficient ways. Huddle areas, casual lounge seating with integrated work surfaces and collaborative spaces make more sense today.

Huddle Spaces Represent Your Brand

It’s easier for employees to experience your brand with huddle areas as the heart of your workspace. When employees work together, they get a better sense of the company they work for. They’re also more likely to have a better sense of community and become more loyal. As an employer, you won’t have to think of ways to reinforce your company philosophy. Your employees can experience that philosophy every time they sit down to work together.

Get Expert Help

Today’s collaborative workspace design is a win-win for employers and their employees. However, it takes thoughtful planning to achieve the right balance of huddle space, lounge areas and private work spaces. By working with a design expert, like those at Desks Incorporated in Denver Colorado, you can successfully create a workplace that increase creativity, productivity and efficiency. Whether you want to furnish your office with brand new office furniture or refurbished, the team at Desks Incorporated can find the right solution to fit your budget.

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