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Can Huddle Areas Improve Employee Productivity?

Once upon a time, employees were blocked off from each other inside cramped cubicles. Now, office designers have torn down the walls and created special huddle areas where it’s easy for employees to feel less like a divided unity and more like a team. Huddle areas can help improve employee productivity in five

1. Integrated Technology: Huddle area makes it easy to integrate tablets, two-in-one laptops, smartphone and productivity apps with workplace activities like meetings, brainstorming and more. Integrated technology also makes it easier to give demonstrations, share visual information and make necessary and immediate changes with group input.

2. Impromptu Meetings. In old fashioned business environments, you set up formal meetings in a conference room. In today’s huddle areas, it’s easy for employees to quickly and easily flow from their desks to a collaborative huddle space. That means when someone has an ah-ha moments and wants to share it with the team, it can happen immediately!

3. Getting Efficient. Because workspace devices have gotten smaller and smaller, there’s no real need for oversized desks and workspaces of the past. With flat-screen monitors, cloud-based services and the new workspace flexibility, companies don’t have to cling to the old cubicle ways. Smaller workspaces are the norm, especially when those spaces are shaped more effectively. Instead of huge storage areas for large computer, document storage and flat files, that space can be used for casual lounge seating with integrated work surfaces, collaborative spaces where employees can rearrange elements to fit their needs or even and on-site game room for employees to enjoy.

4. Feed Creativity: Solitary workspaces are great when you need to concentrate on a single task, but they aren’t effective if a project would work better with multiple sources of inspiration. Shared workspaces bring employees together, where they can freely bounce ideas off of each other. This can turn an “okay” idea into one that could take the company to the next level.

5. Brand Representation. Huddle areas are great spaces to promote your brand to employees, vendors and clients/potential clients. When employees can easily get a sense of the company they work for, they’re more likely to become loyal employees and have a solid sense of community by coming together. Your employees will “experience” your company philosophy every time the sit down together.

Desks Inc Can Help

Want to incorporate huddle space into your current office? It’s easier than you think. Talk to the experts at Desks Inc in Denver. We’ve been helping business owners create id4eal workspaces since 1956 and would love to help you, too.

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