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Certified Pre-Owned Vs. New vs. Used Office Furniture

There’s a new trend in used office furniture. It’s called Certified Pre-Owned office furniture and while it’s quite different from used furniture, it can be almost indiscernible from brand new furniture. Let’s take a close look at this new offering on the market.

When office furniture is sold as used, what you see if literally what you get. There can be scratches on the surface, parts can be missing, upholstery can be stained and all-important security keys might not be included. If you’re only buying one office set-up, it might be easy to pick out and purchase a used set of furniture that will look nice and function properly. But if you’re trying to outfit an office with 6 or more employees, buying used furniture that “fits” together AND is in good shape can be an insurmountable task. That’s where Certified Pre-Owned office furniture comes in.

Certified Pre-Owned Furniture In Denver CO and The Front Range

When you buy Certified Pre-Owned office furniture in Denver or Certified Pre-Owned office furniture in the Front Range, it comes with high standards of quality. For example, all furniture has been cleaned, sanitized and has no stains. All components are fully functional, which means drawers pull smoothly and chairs glide across floors, mats or carpeting. Keys, file bars and other parts are all included and functional. Every chair and file cabinet with castors will work beautifully. The furniture will have been vacuumed. Laminate tops will not be delaminating. Scratches will have been treated. Everything will have been done to make sure the furniture is pleasing to the eye and completely functional.

With Certified Pre-Owned office furniture, it can be easy to assemble enough high quality pieces to outfit an enormous workspace to accommodate a large number of employees. In the past, you had to buy brand new office furniture to do that. But at Desks, Inc. in Denver CO, we’ve been able to provide companies that have $100,000 budgets with all the high end Certified Pre-Owned office furniture they need, without the brand-new-furniture price tag. Plus, you don’t have to settle for off brands. Think Herman Miller, Allsteel, Darron, DMI Flexsteel, Hon and other leading brands.

What If You Want New Office Furniture In Colorado?

Even if you prefer to buy brand new office furniture, most projects don’t have unlimited budgets. You want to work with a company that offers all the services you want, like space planning and technical specifications, project management, design services, delivery and installation, move management and furniture assembly, product reconfigurations and even panel and upholstery cleaning. You also want to work with a vendor that carries a wide range of top office furniture brands. Desks Incorporated in Denver is one of the most respected office furniture vendors in Colorado, offering new, Certified Preowned and Used Office Furniture for sale. If you’re in need of a home office furniture or even office furniture for a huge corporate office, we’d love to be of assistance.

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