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Choosing The Right Office Chair

When people start looking for office furniture, it’s often the desk and accessories that get all the attention—and most of the budget. After all, you want a wow factor, right? But the reality is, office chairs deserve a lot more of the attention. Why? Because the average business person spends much of 40 hours per work—or 1,900 hours per year—sitting in their office chair.

Over the past decades, we’ve seen a lot of innovations in desk chair technology, thanks to ergonomic studies. These studies show that supportive office chairs increase productivity and maximize efficiency. In other words, employees work better and get more done when they have a comfortable chair at their desk or workstation.

With this in mind, the office furniture experts at Desks Incorporated in Denver CO have comprised this list of what to look for in an office chair:

Lumbar Support: Every office chair should have support for the lower back—ideally an adjustable lumbar support that lets the user fit the chair to their lower back. This can prevent back strain. Over time, back strain can become sciatica, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to work at a desk.

Adjustability: Most desk chairs allow the user to adjust the height and arms, but an office chair should be able to adjust in 5-14 different ways, including lumbar supports, seat back width and height, seat and back angle, tension control and more.

Swivel Base: All office chairs should be able to swivel freely, so it’s easy to access every part of a desk. If it can’t swivel, the user can experience arm fatigue from over extending.

Fabric: Desk chair fabric is an important consideration. It should be breathable fabric so the chair doesn’t become too hot after sitting in it for hours. There should also be enough cushion so the person sitting in it doesn’t feel the base of the chair.

Test Drive Office Chairs Before You Buy

At Desks Incorporated, we encourage buyers to come to our showroom and sit in a variety of office chairs before making a decision. You can even bring an employee or two to sit in them. We have a wide array of high quality used office chairs and ergonomic office chairs and you’re sure to find one that’s right for your office.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect office chair for your home office in Aurora or 50 office chairs for your call center in the Denver Tech Center, the experts at Desks Incorporated in Denver are here to help.

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