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Does Office Furniture Affect Productivity?

Most Americans spend more time in their workspace than they do in their home.  So when it comes to furnishing an office, business owners take heed!  Every piece of office furniture plays a role in boosting productivity—or diminishing it.  At Desks Incorporated in Denver Colorado, we’ve compiled a list of the ways the right office furniture can improve employee performance and happiness.

1.    Furniture that’s comfortable and ergonomic reduces discomfort and pain.  And since the single leading cause of disability is low back pain, it’s also one of the more common reasons for missed work.  Ergonomic furniture is comfortable, reduces pain and injury and makes employees more likely to come to work.  Win, win, win.

2.    Your employees will feel valued when they work in an environment with clean, modern and updated furniture.  When you provide a comfortable chair and a functional, attractive desk, employees can feel good about their workspace.

3.    Furniture can designate work functions.  With the right desks, cubicles, dividers and workstations, you can create a space that works for the functions of each department.

4.    Spaces for collaboration and gatherings are essential.  When people have a comfortable space to gather for meetings, lunch breaks or brainstorming, attitudes and productivity improve.  Many of today’s office furnishings are designed for flexibility and mobility, so it’s easy to create gathering spaces.

5.    Storage solutions are essential.  One study showed that employees spend 4.3 hours per week searching for documents.  By providing storage solutions that help employees stay organized, employees can meet deadlines, be prepared for meetings and perform tasks easily.

Desks Incorporated Can Help You Improve Office Productivity

Our team can provide guidance, design and office furnishings to help create the perfect work environment for your employees.  Whether your office is in Aurora, Greenwood Village, the Denver Tech Center, Westminster or anywhere in the Rocky Mountain region, we have a great selection of new and gently used modern, ergonomic, comfortable office furniture.  Call 303-777-7778.

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