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Four New Design Trends For The Workplace

The vast majority of America’s workforce has spent months working from home. So how has that changed people’s expectations for the workplace?

First and foremost, they want and need a safe and compelling workspace that’s more flexible, inspiring and helps them get work done. People also want more control over where and how they work. As a result, office designers need to create workspaces to fit a diverse set of needs in order to support the new ways people want to work. Here are four different trends that we’re seeing in the workspace.

1. Spaces that equally support individual and team work. It’s hard to have an inclusive work environment when people solely work from home. As people migrate part- or full-time back to the office, they will need office “neighborhoods” that promote both collaboration and individual work spaces.

2. Designs need to incorporate greater flexibility and mobility. In the past, design planning was all about permanent architecture and office settings. No more! Designers now need to create spaces that can morph and change as needed.

3. Both enclosed “me” spaces and open “we” spaces are a must. People who used to do individual work in more dense, open spaces now want more enclosure or shielding to control safety and privacy. Teams who used to work in enclosed conference rooms now want more open settings for a sense of safety and the flexibility to contract, expand and adjust their space depending upon the activities at hand. Designers have to reinvent collaboration spaces that don’t require four walls and a door. Individual spaces need to feel more protected.

4. Enhance the human experience through technology. Now that people and organizations are embracing hybrid working from office and home, remote collaboration is here to stay. To that end, designers need to create solutions for group and individual interactions that aren’t limited to laptops or phone. Sensing technology has to be embedded to support increasing data-driven or artificial intelligence-guided experiences.

We’re Here To Help

The office experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver, Colorado have been helping Colorado businesses create the ideal workspaces since 1956. As office needs have changed, so have office furnishings and design. If you need to evolve your workspace to post-COVID-19 standards and expectations, talk to the experts at Desks, Incorporated.

Blog #2:

The Future of The Office

It’s almost been a year since the world entered a global pandemic. The impact on offices and urban centers has turned our industry nearly upside down. We’ve seen disrupted supply chains, vacant commercial real estate and the emergence of safety measures like physical distancing. So what is the value of office space anymore?

Actually, quite a lot. Yes, many companies have been surprised at how productive people can be while working from home. However, being together in an office feeds a need for togetherness. Most companies thrive when people can connect over a conference room table, working side-by-side at a white board or having a cup of coffee with a work friend.

It’s true that cloud computing, virtual private networks and computer software have kept organizations working a full capacity. But without in-person interaction, employee turnover can weaken social networks that thrive in the workplace. Most studies have shown that a 100% remote workforce is not a sustainable answer as initiatives impacted by collaboration, creativity and team management suffer.

Recent research has also shown that:

• 70% of employees are less productive at home than at work.

• 80% of Millennial and Generation Z employees feel less connected to their co-workers when working from home.

• 88-90% want to work in an office again.

So, how much space will your business need as workers migrate back into your office? Can you reduce the amount of square footage you need? Or do you actually need MORE space to accommodate new traffic flow patterns, physical distancing and open environments needed? These answers aren’t uniform. Each business has different needs to be factored in. In the past, interior workspaces could evolve simply by rearranging offices, purchasing new cubicles or freshening up color schemes. Today’s workspace evolution requires help from design experts. After all, you don’t want to spend more than you need to. At the same time, a wrong decision could cost you a lot.

Talk To An Office Design Expert

The design experts at Desks Incorporated are happy to provide a complimentary site visit or virtual visit to learn about the new needs of your workspace. Do you need disinfectant stations? Traffic flow signage? Reconfiguration of conference rooms or cubicles? We’re happy to help you find the right solution that will fit your budget.

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