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How To Choose A Sit-Stand Desk

Did you know that sitting at a desk for nine hours a day is considered as detrimental to your health as smoking? In fact, more than 80% of workers experience discomfort on the job, especially in situations where they can’t change positions and postures during the day. It’s one of the main reasons stand-up desks or sit-to-stand desks are growing in popularity.

But how do you know if a height-adjustable desk is right for you? How do you determine which height adjustable desk is best? If you’re an employer, how can you be sure to get ROI on stand-up desks? How can you be sure your employees will actually use them? Do you provide every employee with one or execute a roll-out of sit-stand desks in your workplace? Or maybe you provide several sit-stand workstations throughout your workspace for employees to use as needed?

The office furnishings experts from Desks, Incorporated in Denver put together this list of six things to consider when choosing a sit-stand desk.

1. Get The Right Height Range: 22.6”-48.7” is the optimal range. However, it also depends on the height and needs of the person who will be using the desk. If the sit-stand desk is going to be shared, choose a desk with a large range.

2. Depth is Important, Too: When choosing a desk, a minimum 30” depth is good. Desks come in a variety of work surface shapes, as well.

3. Adjustment Should Be Easy: Some sit-stand desks have hand cranks while others have electric or pneumatic lifts. Electric and pneumatic lifts are quieter, more efficient and easier to use. How fast it can be raised or lowered is also important, as users will usually adjust their work surfaces multiple times during the day.

4. Check The Weight Restrictions: Different sit-stand desks have different weight requirements. Make sure the desk can handle your workspace equipment.

5. Choose The Right Functionality. Can the sit-stand desk accommodate a privacy screen? Lighting? Tool Rails? Will the aesthetic fit into your workspace environment? These are also key considerations.

6. Is The Price Right? Sit-Stand desks come in a wide range of price points. Can you afford the quality you need for maximum performance?

Talk To An Expert

Since 1956, Desks, Incorporated has been helping Coloradans outfit their workspaces, from corporate headquarters to home offices. The family-owned, veteran-owned company is committed to help you find the ideal office furnishings to fit your budget and your needs. In addition of carrying a wide range of office furniture by the top manufacturers, Desks, Incorporated also offers refurbished and used office furniture. Talk to one of our office design experts today. Call 303-747-4227.

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Cubicles Are Back!

In the recent past, cubicles were considered cramped, outdated and passé. But as companies contemplate reopening following COVID-19 pandemic, cubicles are looking like the ideal option for fostering face-to-face interactions. In addition, today’s cubicles are much more modern and aesthetically pleasing, offering plexiglass shields for safety and letting light in. Today’s cubicles resemble privacy pods, with sleek looks, reconfigurable panels, organization options, storage and even custom options like height adjustable tables.

Three popular cubicle designs are the Matrix Series, Razor System and Divi System.

(photo) The Divi System can readily accommodate height adjustable tables, so your employees can change postures throughout the day. The workstation systems are made with recycled materials, is stylish and durable and one of the most affordable cubicle systems available. It offers great flexibility in design and is easy to install.

(photo) The Matrix Series is one of the most customizable cubicles on the market. It’s tile-based, letting you put power where you please. You can add tiles to calibrate storage and fit your design needs, as well. Your get stylish, efficient and flexible options that will fit your office needs perfectly.

(photo) The Razor System gets its name from its sleek, sharp edges and contemporary styling. It has square connectors, flush bases and razor-sharp design. You’ll appreciation options with desking, accessories, storage and seating so you can create a chic, ultra-modern look. Best of all, you’ll like the value pricing.

Complementary Office Design Services In Denver

Not sure which system is the best option for your workspace? Our on-staff designers can help you determine the best solution for you. It all starts with your free on-site or virtual office design consultation. Just contact the design experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver at 303-747-4227.

Refurbished and Used Office Furniture in Denver

Do you need to get rid of office furniture that no longer serves your business? Or, do you need new office furnishings but your budget is limited? At Desks, Incorporated, we carry a wide range of used and certified refurbished office furniture—plus, we purchase used office furnishings. To find out more visit You can also visit our showroom at 445 S. Bryant Street, Suite 8 in Denver.

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