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How To Clean and Maintain Your Office Chair

It’s no secret that it’s important to use a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. After all, sitting in a poor chair can cause stress on your spine and create back pain. If you care enough about your back to invest in a great office chair, you also need to take the time to clean and maintain it so it will last a long time. Here are some tips about office chair maintenance from Desks Inc in Denver.

Don’t Forget To Vacuum

It’s important to keep your office chair free from dust and debris, so be sure to clean it using the wand attachment of a vacuum cleaner. The wand attachment should be able to suction up most particulate matter without an issue. Be sure to use the “low suction” setting. Use the wand on the seat, armrests and backrest.

Read The Upholstery Tag

Most office chairs have an upholstery tag with a cleaning code. These codes usually consist of 1-2 letters that explain the best way to clean the chair’s fabric. Here is a list of the cleaning codes used for most fabrics. If you can’t find an upholstery tag, check out the owner’s manual for the cleaning care instructions.

W: The fabric can be cleaned with water or a water-based product.

S: You’ll need to clean the chair with a water-free solvent. If your chair upholstery is made with organic fabrics like wool, cotton or rayon, water can damage the fabric.

W/S: You can use either a water-based product or a solvent-based cleaning product.

X: You can only clean the chair by using a vacuum or a brush.

Try Spot Cleaning

Unless otherwise stated on your upholstery tag, you can usually spot clean your office chair using soap and warm water. First, blot the stained area with a damp cloth, along with some gentle-formula liquid soap until it comes clean. Don’t scrub it or it will work the stain-causing compounds deeper into the fabric.

Test Your Stain-Removing Products First

For stubborn stains, you might need a stronger cleaning solution. However, don’t apply the product to your entire chair. First, test it in a discreet or hidden area, like underneath the seat, so you can see how it will affect your office chair. Whether you are trying a natural stain-removing product like vinegar, or a store-bought stain-removing product, test a small hidden area first.

Condition The Leather

Is your office chair leather? If so, you need to condition your chair every few months. This will keep it from drying out. Whether your chair is made of high quality full-grain leather or corrected grain, they all have a porous surface that can absorb and hold moisture. This will prevent the leather from drying out. If you don’t treat the leather, eventually it will peel or even crack open.

To condition the leather, use a leather conditioner like mink oil or saddle soap. This will hydrate the leather and prevent it from drying out. You can also use a leather protectant product on your leather chair to add a protective layer over the surface of the leather.

Remember, if the humidity in your office is less than 40%, your leather office chair will dry out. If it’s more than 55%, it could become saturated with an excess amount of moisture.

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