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How to Get The Best Deal on Desk Chairs

Is it time for a new desk chair? Do you find yourself with a sore neck or back at the end of the work day? Aches and pains caused by worn out or ill-fitting desk chairs can result in chronic pain. If you’re in need of a more ergonomic, comfortable desk chair, how can you get a great deal on one? We asked the experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver for some advice.

1. Good Design Matters. That doesn’t mean the chair looks nice. You need to consider sustainability, space planning, form and function in order to get the right chair. You can find ergonomic chairs that will provide the back support you need in almost every price range. By choosing a chair that fits you better, you’re investing in the long-term health of you and your employees. It can actually prevent future medical bills!

2. The Priciest Chairs Aren’t Always The Best Chairs. There are lots of affordable options that can get the job done just as well as more expensive models. And they can cater to offices of any size and design aesthetic. If you talk to an office furnishings expert like Desks, Incorporated in Denver, they can guide you to office chairs that fit your needs and your budget.

3. Think Refurbished. If you’ve got your heart set on high quality office brands like Steelcase or Herman Miller, consider buying a refurbished office chair. Certified refurbished office chairs often come with extended warranties, making them a smart investment if you want a brand name on a tight budget. Desks, Incorporated in Denver has a wide range of refurbished and used office chairs in inventory and is worth a look.

4. The Best Deals Might be Found on The Phone. When you’re ready to buy, it makes sense to call respected office furnishings stores in your area. Tell them your situation, discuss volume needs and they might work with you on price.

Talk to An Expert

If you need guidance on purchasing high quality office chairs, desks or other office furnishings, talk to the experts at Desks, Incorporated. Desks, Inc. has been helping Denver businesses furnish their office space since 1956. Family owned and Veteran owned and operated, Desks, Incorporated is a business you can trust in Denver and the Front Range.

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