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Interesting 2019 Workspace Trends

Today’s workplace isn’t anything like it was 10 years ago. As telecommuting, shared workspaces and mobile workers increase in popularity, office planners and employers are having to think differently.

1. Bringing Home Into The Workplace. Did you know that many people feel more at home in their cars or workplaces than they do at home? That’s what a new study by IKEA found. Because more and more workspaces are adopting residential design elements like upholstered chairs, indirect lighting and occasional tables, employees feel the warmth and coziness they may not be feeling at home.

2. Offices Are Smarter. Workplaces are embracing personal device integration and company-branded apps that can allow employees to reserve a parking place, locate an open conference room, update HR information and more. These days, room sensors can be programmed to pull up meeting-specific information or even dial into a video conference as soon as an employee walks into the room. While it sounds futuristic, the future is here.

3. In today’s workplace, office space is denser, less segmented and more collaborative. In fact, today’s offices only allow 100 square feet per employee! Collaborative and communal environments have replaced solitary cubicles. More emphasis is on the communal spaces for improved office interactions and comfort.

4. There Are Whole New Job Categories. Did you know that 10 percent of the nation’s jobs didn’t exist 10 years ago? With new job categories comes new training and learning spaces that have to be incorporated into workplace designs.

Desks, Incorporated In Denver Can Update Your Workplace

Is it time to remodel your office space to embrace the new way of working? Or maybe you’re moving in to a brand new space and need furnishings that are functional and comfortable? Are you thinking of investing in more ergonomic desks and office chairs to prevent workplace fatigue and pain? It’s time to talk to an expert at Desks, Incorporated in Denver. We’ve been keeping customers happy in Denver and the Front Range since 1956. We’re a family owned and operated, independent company that can help you with space design, furniture selection, storage, delivery and more.

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