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Looking Ahead: Office Trends For 2023

Every year, predictions are made regarding workspace trends for the following year. And with only two month left to go in 2022, predictions for 2023 are already emerging. How will they differ from 2022 trends? Actually, you’re going to see more of the same, but with an emphasis on elevating employee productivity and wellbeing.

Why? Because since COVID, there’s been a rise in hybrid work which has changed how companies occupy their office space. Businesses have reconsidered their physical footprint in order to adapt to the changing market and balance new business strategies.

Let’s start with the basics. Hybrid work has resulted in workspaces that don’t have to accommodate as many employees at one time. With downsizing and the savings on operating costs, employers can reinvest money in new office features that improve the quality of life at work for their employees. By eliminating cubicles and creating a more open floor plan, there might be room for a fully-equipped cafeteria or lounge with casual seating. Or, employers may choose to integrate comfortable benches and booths, breakout areas or even treadmills at stand-up desks!

Don’t be surprised to see more built-in fitness centers, yoga classes and meditation programs!

In 2023 you’ll also see more sustainable initiatives including new ways to make offices more energy efficient and worker friendly. Look for more energy-efficient water coolers, printers and vending machines. You might find more upcycled furniture, LED lighting, paper-free policies and the use of materials with high recycled content.

2023 will also see more “smart” offices. You’ll see sensors that monitor air quality, natural light levels and space utilization.

Other amenities may include drop-in daycares, printing centers, game rooms, relaxation rooms and dining halls.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your workspace to provide a unique setting for your employees to contrate, recharge and collaborate, talk to the office design experts at Desks, Inc in Denver. Desks Inc has outfitted more than 200,000 office environments since 1956 and would love to help you. Call 303-777-7778 to set up a complimentary design consultation with the Desks Inc interior designer, or stop by the showroom at 445 Bryant St., Suite #8 in Denver.

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