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Office Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

Unlike some holidays, Thanksgiving is one holiday almost everyone can agree upon—it’s nice to have a day to reflect on everything we’re thankful for and cherish time spent with the people we care about.

There are lots of different ways you and your coworkers can capture that Thanksgiving vibe in your office with decorations. Here are a few of our favorites at Desks Incorporated in Denver, CO, one of the leading office furniture stores in Colorado.

Decorative Gourds And Pumpkins

Whether you have a cubicle or a corner office it’s easy to capture the essence of fall with a basket or bowl of mini pumpkins, gourds or even acorns and pine cones! Even if your space is very small a simple mini pumpkin adds some holiday cheer.

Mini Lights

Now you can find decorative strings of lights with turkeys, pumpkins and even pilgrims. Use them to decorate your office, conference room or lobby!


There are so many holiday scented candles, diffusers and warmers out there. Adding a little holiday fragrance like pumpkin pie, cinnamon and pine can provide memory-filled moments. Just make sure the fragrance isn’t too strong or employees don’t have allergies.

Thanksgiving Signs & Banners

Every store in town has Thanksgiving decorations available, including small and large signs, banners and flags. Whether you’re on a Dollar Tree budget or a designer budget, you can get your office in the holiday spirit with a few strategically placed signs.

Once you take down all of the holiday decorations, you may find that you want to spruce up your office décor or furniture a bit for the new year. If so, be sure to talk to the experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver. We’ve helped design and furnish thousands of offices since 1956. We’re family owned and operated and would love to work with you.

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