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Office Design Trend Includes Architectural Walls

Office design has radically changed since COVID. Many companies are redesigning their spaces to fit a hybrid workforce, with smaller footprints that are big on employee comfort and safety.

One of the trends we’re seeing at Desks Inc in Denver is the use of Demountable Architectural Walls, an economical alternative to interior wall construction. They can be changed and moved over time, providing great flexibility.

The View Series features a clean and sophisticated design using clear tempered, laminated or specialty glass. Choose from frameless, closed and open corner options.

The Flex Series is sustainable, flexible and affordable. You can switch from whiteboard to glass to solid to tack-able fabric panels with minimal interruptions.

These design-forward architectural walls help you organize office space efficiently and affordably. They eliminate the mess and disruption of traditional construction. Best of all, they are reusable and reconfigurable for future changes to your work environment.

They also create enclosed environments that give people privacy. These private spaces can be used for single individuals looking to escape a noisy open plan environment to focus on a project, or for larger groups to meet and collaborate without disturbing others. In addition, demountable walls offer some of the best acoustics available to keep conversations private. They also make it easy to create different work zones in a workspace.

Talk To The Office Design Experts at Desks Inc in Denver

If you’re interested in finding out more about affordable, flexible demountable architectural walls, visit the Desks Inc showroom at 445 Bryant St, Suite 8 in Denver or call 303-747-4227. We’ve been creating exceptional workspaces and office design since 1956 and would love to help you.

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