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Office Furniture Re-Design: How To Choose A Desk

Your office is a reflection of your business, the type of work performed there, what your standing is within the company and what your responsibilities are. In short, your office is a reflection of you.

Over time, your office may require a functional re-design due to workflow, staff additions, technology changes and changing business environments. If you or another employee has been promoted, a furniture upgrade may be required.

If it’s time to upgrade office space, the first thing to consider is your office desk. You need to select one with the correct blend of style and functionality.

What To Consider For Your Desk Selection

• Use: Will you be working at a computer? Handling large amounts of paperwork? Do you meet with staff or clients? Or, are you transitioning to flex space where you’ll be sharing your office space with others?

• Space: What are the dimensions of your office? Are there any space limitations?

• Ergonomics: Technology has changed and so has office furniture. You may not need a large amount of storage space in your desk. You’ll want ample leg clearance, but you also might be considering an adjustable desk so you can work while standing when you want to. Will you need space for a desktop or laptop? What about a keyboard?

• Surface area: You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to accommodate your workflow.

It’s also important to remember that your desk is the centerpiece of office redesign. You’ll want to choose one that fits your style, as well as your functional requirements.

Whether you’re looking for traditional styling, modern, a cubicle solution, high tech, minimalist or high design, it makes sense to choose a company that offers a full range of choices, like Desks, Incorporated in Denver, CO.

You can also choose from new, used or Certified Pre-Owned desks. There are office desk solutions in Denver at Desks, Inc. to fit any budget, style and functionality. Best of all, the design experts at Desks, Inc. can provide you with as much guidance and advice as you want. If it’s time to upgrade your office in Boulder, Denver, the Tech Center, Arvada or anywhere in the Front Range, it’s time to talk to Desks, Inc.

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