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Six Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Workplace

Thanksgiving will be here in no time, but there’s still time to make it a special occasion at your workplace. Given what we have experienced over the past two years, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Here are six ways to bring a festive, thankful spirit into your office and make this Thanksgiving extra special.

1. Encourage your employees to share thankful messages with their colleagues and clients. Thank you notes are simple and effective. You might even consider providing a small packet of thank you notes to each employee to use—along with a thank you note from you or their direct report expressing what you appreciate about their contribution to the company.

2. Host a Thanksgiving lunch at your place of work, with the company providing the turkey and vegan main dish, and asking your team to provide the side dishes. Make it a competition, with prizes for the three favorite side dishes! Ask people to bring their recipes to share, too.

3. Organize an opportunity for your employees to volunteer for a nonprofit. You can give them paid time off to support their favorite charity, or set up an event the whole office can participate in, like helping at the food bank, animal shelter or Habitat for Humanity.

4. Set up a recipe swap for favorite Thanksgiving recipes at your place of work. Ask people to bring a photo, recipe and holiday memory and ask them to share it with the team.

5. Provide an opportunity for your team to be able to donate to a special cause at the office. Do an on-site drive for canned goods, clothes or school supplies. Or, host a coffee break, lunch or mid-day snack and invite a few local charities to make a presentation about how they serve the community.

6. Give your employees some unexpected time off. They’ll appreciate it and will come back to your office rested, refreshed and thankful!

Make sure you engage your leadership team with your plans for celebrating Thanksgiving at the office. Studies show that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. Ask them to set an example and encourage their direct reports to participate.

Be sure to provide a festive atmosphere for the Thanksgiving season. It’s as easy as lighting fall-scented candles or using autumn colors in the office, like colorful leaves, pumpkins and gourds.

Why Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Workplace?

It can improve your employee experience and signal a positive company culture. It can also increase employee retention, because when employees feel appreciated, they’re much less likely to leave. The more you can connect with your team on a personal, emotional level, with a spirit of gratitude, the better.

Desks Inc is Grateful For 66 Years In Denver

Speaking of gratitude, the team at Desks Inc in Denver is thankful to have served the Colorado business community for the past 66 years. We’ve helped create more than 200,000 ideal office environment, from start-ups and home offices to corporate headquarters and healthcare facilities. We appreciate the opportunity to help you find the perfect office design, furnishings and furniture for your business. Call 303-777-7778 to set up a complimentary design consultation with the Desks Inc interior designer, or stop by the showroom at 445 Bryant St., Suite #8 in Denver.

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