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The Benefits of Financing Your Office Furniture

Choosing the right office furniture for your office, corporate headquarters, start up or regional office in Colorado is an important decision. After all, your office is often the first impression you make on your potential clients, employees and vendors. But probably the second-most important decision you’ll make is how you’re going to pay for your new office furniture. Whether your business is new or old, when you’re investing in your business cash can be hard to come by. One way to spend less money is to finance your office furniture instead of paying for it outright or renting it. Renting is actually too expensive as a long-term option. When you’re financing your office furniture, you make a small monthly payment and, at the end of the contract, you own the furniture.

Many finance companies offer different options for financing furniture and equipment. At Desks, Inc in Denver CO, they offer financing for their customers so you don’t have to look for alternative financing options.

First, you need to determine what fits your needs and financial structure. If you have a company that’s just starting out, whether small or mid-sized, financing furniture and office equipment instead of using cash does have benefits,. It can have some risks, though. That’s why it’s important to calculate the costs versus the gain.

You’ll want to take a close look before you sign on the dotted line.

• What type of office furniture and equipment are you buying?

• What is your cash flow for payment?

• Is it cost effective?

• What are your other credit demands and long-term capital needs?

• What is your current budget?

• What is your tax situation?

• What will your company’s future capital needs be in relation to future growth?

The Benefits of Financing Office Furniture

  • You can preserve your capital: For many businesses, the preservation of capital is important, so financing furniture and equipment is an attractive option. If you are opening a new business, investing large amounts of money in office furniture can be a risk because your business hasn’t made a profit yet. When you finance office necessities, the payment is just a small part of your investment and can be spread out over a period of time.

  • Financing can keep your budget consistent. When you have a budget without a large one-time expenditure, it keeps your budget consistent. By financing your office furniture, it keeps your expenses even by only spending a small amount each month instead of having a huge outlay all at once.

  • You can purchase more when you finance instead of paying cash. You can purchase more of what you need. For example, your employees would prefer ergonomic chairs which are easier on a person’s back and make an them more productive. They are more expensive that traditional office chairs. With financing, you could afford ergonomic chairs and with a better class of furniture in your office, morale and productivity are boosted.

Talk To An Expert

At Desks Inc in Denver, you can finance work desks, ergonomic chairs, file cabinets, storage shelves, lighting, cubicles, conference tables, conference boards and even white screens. You can also finance printers, copiers and even video conference equipment.

Desks Inc has been helping Colorado businesses with all of their office furnishing needs since 1956. Desks Inc has created more than 200,000 ideal offices throughout Colorado. Office furniture financing at Desks Inc can help you get the office furniture you want for your company while controlling costs and cash flow. Talk to Desks Inc today by calling 303-747-7778.

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