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Three Tips: Transform Your Commercial Office Space For Employees Who Like Working Remotely

Thanks to the pandemic, employees were forced to work from home instead of heading to the office every day. Some employees found they liked working from home better. Others didn’t. But many employees want the ability to do both.

This is good news for companies that have long-term leases on office space. But as companies begin to offer hybrid work options for employees, with fewer coming to the office every day, there’s a lot of empty space in those offices. What do you do about that?

Get creative. According to Jeff Jones, Vice President of Sales for Desks, Inc in Denver, you can rethink your current office configuration to provide space for employees when they come to work, and make it more inviting for them to want to come to the office.

Here are three ways to utilize space that was once used to house full-time on-site employees.

Employees Like To Be Able To Work Out

Many employees like to get in a workout before or after work. Smart employers are starting to add a home gym-style facility to their current office space. Of course, you have to minimize noise and vibrations caused by weights being dropped, but there are great solutions like deadlift or silencer pads or rubber flooring.

Provide More Space For In-Office Employees

Why not take space from remote workers and expand the space for each employee that chooses to work in the office? You can add additional office furniture like a small cabinets, side table, or even a larger desk. The more comfortable an employee can feel in their personal work space, the happier they will be coming back to their office.

Fun And Games, Anyone?

One thing most people enjoyed about working from home was the ability to take an occasional break. Adding games to your office space is attractive to employees. You can outfit creative arcade cabinets with hundreds of games for your team, or even buy full-size video games. You can use the extra space in your office to create a putting golf course. Add foosball tables, billiards or other games of skill for employees to play—or maybe create an indoor labyrinth.

Talk To An Expert

Looking for ways to reimagine your office space for returning employees? Talk to the experts at Desks, Inc in Denver for great ideas, office furnishings and design solutions for today’s evolving office environment.

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