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What Construction Project Managers Should Know About Office Furniture

Whether you work for a small construction firm or a large one, chances are you might be put in charge of the acquisition and installation of office furniture for a client. And oftentimes, it’s an afterthought. Long after the project planning, budgeting, contracting and subcontracting, office furnishings come into play. And many times, due to overages or project additions during construction, the budget for office furnishings isn’t quite what it needs to be. At the same time, there’s a level of expectation by the client that the furnishings have to be awesome. So, what do you do when the budget doesn’t quite meet awesome?

You talk to an office furniture expert like Desks, Incorporated in Denver, Colorado. For more than 63 years, construction project managers, office managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners with home offices have turned to Desks, Inc. for perfect office furnishings to fit their budget.

New Or Pre-Owned?

What many project managers and office managers don’t realize is that there are used office furniture solutions and Certified Pre-Owned office solutions available to outfit a small office to an enormous one—and from top manufacturers like Herman Miller, Eurotech, Mayline, Lacasse, 9 to 5 and more! You can outfit an office with refurbished furniture that will look and feel like new—and carry that WOW factor you’re looking for (even with a lower budget.)

Of course, you can also choose to outfit your office or offices with brand new innovative designs from the top manufacturers as well. It can be overwhelming to choose between all the styles and manufacturers. That’s when you should put the design experts at Desk, Inc. to work for you. They know every product line inside and out. They can provide you with multiple options to fit your every need, as well as your budget.

Whether you choose used, new or Certified Pre-Owned office furniture from Desks, Incorporated in Denver, you’ll love the final results—and how easy to process is. Talk to one of our design experts today.

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