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What Do I Need To Know About Office Interior Design Trends?

As a project manager in Denver and the surrounding areas, you have to juggle a lot of things—and a lot of people, too. You’re working with building management, subcontractors, small and large business owners, interior designers…. the list goes on and on. While you’re managing people and budgets and deadlines, sometimes it’s hard to find time to read up on the latest trends, innovations and products.

For example, what are the hottest trend colors for office interiors? Which ones are on their way out? Are open concept offices here to stay? What are the most effective ways to bring the benefits of the outdoors, indoors? How can refurbished office furnishings be used to create an up-to-the-minute design solution? Are flex-wall options the next big thing?

At Desks, Incorporated in Denver, Colorado, we know it can be challenging to keep up with these kinds of details. That’s why we provide this kind of information through our monthly blogs. Some of our most popular blogs have been about how office furniture affects productivity, how to make an office reflect your brand, how to future proof your workplace design and how to furnish a business office on a budget. We have an entire library of information and hope you will take advantage of it.

Project Manager E-Newsletter

We also offer a new resource for project managers, which is our quarterly e-newsletter. In it, we’ll be sharing interviews with project managers in Denver and across the state. We’ll share industry trends and insider information. If you’d like to be an interview subject, we hope you’ll reach out and let us know. Just email or call 303-777-7778.

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