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What Does Your Office Furniture Say About Your Business?

When opening a business, choosing office furniture may seem like a low priority on your long list of things to do. However, your office will often be the first impression about your company to clients, employees, potential customers, investors and potential employees. That’s why it’s important to put thought into the furniture and office design for your business. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Appearance. You’ll want a cohesive design for your office. You don’t’ want to haphazardly buy pieces of office furniture and hope it’ll all come together . You want to coordinate the entire décor of your office so there is a nice flow. Whether you’re buying brand new furniture or taking advantage of some of the great refurbished office furniture you can find on the market, you’ll probably want to hire an interior decorator to develop a floorplan and design aesthetic that reflects your brand personality.

2. Functionality. Yes, you want attractive looking furniture for your workspace. But you also want furnishings that are highly functional. You’ll want to invest in chairs and desks that are ergonomic, to protect the health of your employees. You’ll want to provide desks that fit the needs of your employees, whether they are cubicles, sit-stand desks or traditional desks. You’ll also want to choose lighting that makes your team members, clients and guests feel comfortable. Be sure to incorporate a combination of natural light and light that isn’t harsh or too artificial.

3. Affordability. Of course, you need to buy furnishings that fit your budget, but you need it to last, too. Most office furnishings experts like Desks Inc will have a range of office furniture brands that can fit your budget. In addition, as many offices are downsizing their workspace, you can find great deals on brand name office furniture that’s used and refurbished. Be sure to set a budget for your furnishings before you start buying.

4. Work with an expert. In order to create a workspace that looks great, provides the items your team needs to work effectively, fits your budget and makes a good impression, talk to the office furniture experts at Desks Inc. Since 1965, they’ve helped create more than 200,000 ideal workspaces in the Denver Metro area. They offer a wide range of choices, styles and price points, and provide complimentary design services. Talk to Desks Inc today at 303-747-4227 or visit the showroom at 445 Bryant St., Suite 8 in Denver.

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