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What Every Executive Office Should Have in 2022

Are executive offices out of fashion? Not so, say office designers. The executive office is a still a perk and reward for effort and leadership according to experts. After all, a recent Harvard Business Review study found that 60% of executives work an average of 72 hours versus the 34.4-hour work week by most employees.

You want to make sure your executives are happy with their workspace. That’s why it’s important to make sure your executives’ work environment is productive, efficient and optimized for success. Here are five design tips for executive offices that can make a transformative difference.

1. Face Forward. Move executive desks away from the wall and turn them around so executives are facing the door when they work. This creates a more inviting and accessible vibe.

2. Organization Is Key. It’s important to have a professional, sophisticated and organized look in an executive office. Clutter, files, papers and old coffee cups make a desktop look messy and frenetic. Make sure the office design provides enough storage and shelving for your executives so it’s easy to stay organized.

3. Conversation Areas Are Important. Formal meetings belong in a boardroom or at a desk. Today’s optimum executive office space should include an area for “conversational dialogue” with vendors, suppliers, partners, colleagues and client/customers.

4. Don’t Forget The Windows. Because your executives work longer hours, it’s important to provide natural light in their workspace. It will help keep your talented leaders from burning out.

5. Esthetics Are More Important Than Ever. Traditionally, executive office design hasn’t paid a lot of attention to esthetics. But since executives spend a lot of time in their offices, esthetics have become more important. Make sure you consider wall coverings, flooring, artwork and other elements that can bring the space to life and make it somewhere an executive wants to be. They should feel comfortable there versus having to be there.

Talk To An Expert

At Desks Inc in Denver, we’ve helped create ideal office environments in more than 200,000 offices since 1956. Our on-staff interior designer will listen to what you’re looking for and provide recommendations, advice and insights so your executives or any team member has a workspace they will appreciate and enjoy. Stop by our showroom at 444 Bryant St, Suite 8 in Denver or call 303-816-3419.

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