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What Every Modern Office Should Have

Today’s workspaces continue to evolve, with companies evaluating how their offices are used, and how to keep employees happy, healthy and working. In addition, a workspace is also a first (and lasting) impression to potential and current clients, employees, vendors and even stockholders.

Twenty years ago, offices were much more somber places. Cubicles separated employees from each other, and management usually had private offices and were separated from the general employee population.

Here are five design differences in modern offices today.

1. Ergonomic furniture: Employers want their team members to be comfortable. Ergonomic chairs and desks adapt to the user and are designed to help prevent physical problems, stress and concentration.

2. Multifunctional spaces: Workspaces are more fluid, and multi-functional furniture is essential. You want furniture that can be moved to accommodate unplanned meetings, brainstorming and even breaks. Multifunctional spaces actually improve productivity in the office.

3. Collaborative environments: As companies abandon individual work spaces and migrate toward collaborative one, architectural barriers are being eliminated. This encourages coworking between departments and employees.

4. Lighting has also evolved. We’ve learned that poor lighting can cause visual fatigue and have a negative impact on worker performance. It’s important to use different light sources, both natural and artificial. It will improve the comfort and productivity of your staff.

5. Decorative motivation: These elements help enhance creativity and inspiration in workers. Research has shown that even wall color can have a big impact on office productivity and happiness. Plants are used to promote concentration and help create peaceful environments. Plants also purify the air and provide warmth. Paintings, murals, ornaments and inspiring phrases can also provide decorative motivation.

Talk To An Expert

Do you want to update your current workspace to make it more pleasing to your employees and improve productivity? The design experts at Desks Incorporated in Denver can help. Take advantage of our free on-site or virtual office design consultation. You may find that you can transform your office by adding or replacing a few pieces, instead of needing a complete overhaul! Call 303-747-4227 or visit our showroom at 445 Bryant St #8 in Denver, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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