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What You Should Know About Lighting in Your Office Or Workplace

Did you know that the lighting in your office can have a big impact on the mood, energy level and productivity of your employees? It’s true. If the lighting in your workplace is too dim, it can make your team members feel tired and cranky. If the lighting is too bright, it can be hard on the eyes and can even trigger migraines! Bright lighting can also disrupt your natural circadian rhythms.

If you want your team members to stay alert, creative, energized and ready to give 100 percent, you’ll want to provide ideal lighting. In addition, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has set a standard for office lighting which is 500 lumens per square meter. In other words, every 6 ft. X 6 ft. space (36 square feet) should get the equivalent light from a 35-watt incandescent bulb. For example, a 60-watt bulb in a desk lamp produces 800 lumens.

There are other standards set by the GSA regarding office lighting:

• You should provide an even amount of illumination for the entire office space.

• It’s wise to fill in any lighting gaps with task lighting options.

• Lighting should minimize shadows.

• Fluorescent ceiling fixtures and bulbs are the most basic options suggested.

LED Bulbs Are Highly Recommended

While the GSA suggest fluorescent bulbs, today’s LED bulbs have several advantages. They are:

• Less expensive to operate and maintain

• Have a longer life span

• Don’t use excess energy

• Don’t emit infrared radiation

• Don’t trigger migraines

• Can be dimmed to match the light of day and season

• Don’t inhibit the production of melatonin

• Don’t interfere with sleep patterns

The Color Of Your Lighting Is Important

Did you know that the color and temperature of your office lighting also play an important role in the productivity and health of your team?

Warm yellow or warm orange lights are good for unwinding and relaxing, with cool blue or cool white lights being better for waking up, working and concentrating. Fluorescent and LED bulbs emit light in the blue and white spectrum, so they are good for morning illumination. LEDs also allow you to adjust both the temperature and the color. You can change the light they emit to mimic the natural light outdoors!

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