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Why Everyone Is Talking About The X-Chair

There are so many different kinds of office chairs.—and just as many different manufacturers to choose from. So why all the buzz about the X-Chair by X-Tech? Here’s what the office furniture experts at Desks Inc in Denver had to say.

First, The X-Chair is available in a lot of different models to fit every office chair need: executive chairs, small management chairs, sport mesh management chairs, task chairs, stack chairs—even a full-body massage chair! And you can custom build many of the models. But all X-Chairs are designed with 10 ergonomic features for maximum comfort. Plus you’ll appreciate hand selected premium fabrics in an array of colors. There are also X-Tables, X-Flextops and X-Monitor Arms.

10 Ergonomic Features For A Perfect Fit

The X-Chair is considered to be the most technologically ergonomic office chair on the market. You can fine-tune the arms, seat, back, headrest and lumbar until you're relaxing in the most comfortable seat of your life. You’ll also appreciate SciFloat Infinite Recline, DVL Support, Tilt Lock and Flex Mesh technologies on every X-Chair. You can also choose from vibrant color and material options to create a truly individualized workspace. Say “goodbye” to the constraints and discomfort of antiquated office technology and say “hello” to X-Chair.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the ergonomic features of the X-Chair.

SciFloat Infinite Recline was created specifically for the X-Chair and facilitates motion throughout your day. This kind of movement increases circulation, concentration and energy levels while boosting both comfort and productivity in your workspace. Wheels are no longer the only thing a good office chair needs to keep you moving.

The Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support is X-Chair's greatest ergonomic feat. It needs no adjusting! The DVL Support intuitively adjusts itself to your body every time you move. It responds to your weight, height, position and the amount of pressure you place on it. It pivots with you, keeping you comfortable and supported even as you change positions throughout the day. Be free to keep your mind on your work, instead of your back.

Tilt Tension lets you change the amount of resistance you feel as you recline, whether you like a little or a lot of resistance.

Tilt Lock allows you to lock the chair in a reclined position for those times you need to put your feet up

Height-Adjustable Backrest is X-Chair’s independently adjustable backrest. It lets your raise the dynamic variable lumbar support to fit the curve of your back. You can bring the dynamic variable lumbar support to a comfortable position and relax while it supports the natural shape of your spine.

Adjustable Seat Height allows you to easily adjust the seat height so your feet rest flat on the ground and your knees are at a 90⁰ angle.

Talk To The X-Chair Experts At Desks Inc

Today’s X-Chair is so customizable and comfortable, it can reduce absenteeism and complaints about neck and back pain for your team members. Come discover X-Chairs at Desks Inc.

Our office furniture experts at Desks Inc have designed and furnished more than 200,000 office environments in the Denver area since 1956. Family owned and operated, Desks Inc offers office furnishings by top manufacturers, plus you get a complimentary consultation with a Desks Inc designer. Come see the X-Chair at Desks Inc at 445 Bryant St., Suite 8 in Denver or call 303-747-4227.

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