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Why Huddle Rooms Are Growing In Popularity

For the past decade many companies have embraced an open floor plan in their workspace designs in hopes of fostering at atmosphere for spontaneous collaboration. However, studies now show that open office plans actually decrease productivity and well-being. There’s also been an increase in the number of sick days taken by workers. So, what’s an employer to do to help your team collaborate with minimal distractions?

Huddle Rooms Are The New Thing

A Huddle Room is a strategically small meeting space that’s designed to help people collaborate. It usually accommodates 3-5 people and features a video conferencing solution, a small, central table for sitting or standing, a TV, LCD or LED monitor, a whiteboard and chairs. Because a Huddle Room is an intimate space, there’s not as much noise and distractions. People can have an intimate conversation without interruptions.

A Huddle Room also helps remote workers feel included. When videoconferencing, it’s easier to feel like they are included and are a genuine park of the conversation. That’s why it’s important to include a large screen TV and video unit with a wide angle lens.

Because Huddle Rooms don’t require a reservation like a conference room, it’s easy to have spontaneous gatherings. It’s great for impromptu brainstorming, problem-solving discussions and more.

Huddle rooms also provide a flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment. Huddle rooms are actual magnets for Millennials who seek a collaborative environment.

A Huddle Room is also ideal for webinars, sales presentations, job interviews and other small gatherings. Plus, you can usually furnish 3 or 4 Huddle Rooms for less than outfitting one conference room—and they offer four times the productivity potential. Win-win!

Talk To An Office Design Specialist

Ready to turn some of that unused open space in your office into a more productive environment? Talk to a design expert at Desks Incorporated in Denver, CO. We can help you design the ideal Huddle Room(s) using furnishings that are comfortable, inspire productivity and include the technology needed for collaborative workspace. Our family-owned business been helping business owners create ideal workspaces using new, certified refurbished and even used office furnishing for decades!

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