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The Benefits of Sit-to-Stand Desks

The Benefits of Sit-to-Stand Desks

Over the past decade, American workers have been spending more and more time sitting at their desks. In fact, oftentimes they spend 12 hours or more per day. The medical community has a name for it—sitting disease. And it’s one of the largest threats to our modern lifestyle.

Sit-to-Stand Desks, which are also known as adjustable height desks or standing desks, allow the user to choose between a standing or sitting-height worksurface. Here are some of the benefits:

1. According to studies, workers who received sit-to-stand desks report improvements to overall mood within seven weeks of using their new desks. Standing in the middle of a long workday is also a natural way to get a jolt of energy. Studies also show that standing makes workers more aware of their surroundings. As a result, they become more attentive to coworkers and customers.

2. Standing also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain by increasing blood flow. This facilitates the increase of new cells in the brain which can stimulate creativity and increase focus. The next time you’ve got writer’s block, try standing!

3. By choosing to stand at your desk instead of sit, you can burn an additional 170 calories off a day, versus sitting all day.

4. Sitting all day puts a strain on the ligaments and joints of your body. This can lead to discomfort, back pain and neck pain. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that neck and back pain was reduced by 54% when study participants stood for just three more hours every day.

The Best Sit-to-Stand Desks In Denver

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