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X-Chair In Demand In Denver

One of the most popular office chairs on the market is the X-Chair, which comes in a wide variety of different styles and options. The reason why they’re so popular? They are highly ergonomic office chairs that provide all-day comfort to users—which is great, seeing that most office workers spend 6-8 hours every day in their office chair. And the more comfortable an office chair is, the fewer neck and back aches for users, and lower absenteeism due to pain.

X-Chairs allow users to make up to 10 ergonomic adjustments so users can customize their office chair to fit their body and needs. The height, depth, backrest, headrest and four-dimensional arm rests can all be adjusted. But the real bonus is the dynamic variable lumbar support that automatically adjusts itself every time a user takes a seat. There’s also a Scifloat Infinite Recline feature that makes it easy to adjust the seat to the perfect position.

An ergonomic office chair lets you or your employees remain in motion during a workday, which prevents the restriction of blood flow or circulation. The chair design also makes it almost impossible for your to slouch over your office work, thanks to how easy it is to go from a resting position in an X-Chair to an active forward-leaning position.

The X-Chair X1 Model is the “standard” model. It provides a lot of airflow while seating, thanks to open mesh backing. A stainless steel underframe delivers a stylish look, too. You also get 4 D armrests and impressive ergonomic lumbar support. However, it’s not meant for those taller than 6’2”.

The X-Chair X2 Model has an added headrest and broad adjustability. The ergonomic design supports users great when they are leaning back. You can choose from lots of colors, too. You can even choose a wide seat design.

The X-Chair X3 Model has a more elegant look that the two previous designs. The chair still has breathable mesh, but the mesh is so closely strung that it feels more like a covered seat cushion. It’s available in a big and tall support version which is great for larger users. It does cost more but the ergonomic support and excellent design features make it worth it.

The X-Chair X4 Model delivers a more luxurious ergonomic sitting experience. It’s available in a sleek-looking leather style and enhanced comfort level. The resilient molded foam seat delivers extreme comfort for long hours of sitting. This is the most expensive chair in the X-Chair product line.

Try Out An X-Chair in Denver

Want to experience an X-Chair for yourself? Visit the showroom for Desks Inc at 445 Bryant St., Suite 8 in Denver. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Or you can call 303-816-3419 to make an appointment. Desks Inc has created more than 200,000 ideal office environments in Colorado since 1956. You’ll find a wide variety of office furniture by top manufacturers. You’re sure to find the perfect office chair, desk, cubicle, workstation or other office furnishings to fit your budget.

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