Signature Series
  • Panel widths ranging from 12″-60″w
  • Panel heights ranging from 32″-85″h with Modular Wall options up to 107″h
  • Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options
  • Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Tackable and Acoustic Options
  • Corrugated, honeycombed paperboard core
  • Compatible with our OPS2 Tile System and Desking System
  • Compatible with our Mullions for extra privacy or aesthetics
  • Structural panel is UL listed and has a Class A fire rating for both flame spread and smoke development
  • Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distribute double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway

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Signature Series

Typical Sizes:
  • Product Info

    Choose from our all-new systems options and select among different typicals that can fit your office needs. Open Plan cubicles can be customize to your liking without breaking the bank choose from Grade 1 or Grade 2 finishes. Grade 2 finishes provide you the most variety and options, while our Grade 1 finish options provide you additional savings.

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