• Panel widths ranging from 12″-60″w
  • Panel heights ranging from 32″-85″h 
  • Frame and Tile 
  • Belt High Power
  • Compatible with our OPS2 Signature Option and Desking System
  • Compatible with our Mullions for extra privacy or aesthetics
  • Powered panel has a factory installed electrical harness that distribute double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway

*Call for Pricing*

Tile Based Series

Typical Sizes:
  • Product Info

    With Open Plan you can take your existing stations with and add onto those stations with the tile system. With Open Plans tile systems it has interchangeable components that allows you to be flexible with your design. Along with some new cool features that allows you to mix metal tiles with fabric tiles and allows power to be above the work surface. 

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