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Desks Incorporated Has Created Over 200,000 Customized Office Spaces From Coast To Coast.
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Office Furniture Space Planning & Design Services

Our team of professionals and in house designers have solutions for your office. Space Planning, Product Selection, Office Design, Delivery/Installation, & Reconfiguration, we do it all!

Step 1: Customer/ Office Designer Meeting

We start by defining the framework of the project together. What size is the project, how does your office need to function, what do you like in your current office that needs to evolve into your new space, how many employees? How many guests do you have daily, monthly, annually? Special needs? Eco Friendly? From here we create a 2D Plan & Layout of your office space.

Once we discuss the layout, your furniture needs, your employees space and office workflow, we can provide a 2D layout of your office space.

Planning & Design - 2D layout of your office space.

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Step 2: Planning/Design

During the Planning/Design phase is to design workspaces that reflect your brand image. They must also tell the story that your business is current, comfortable, welcoming, eco friendly and uses of the working world: flex-office, teleworking, user-friendly spaces, hybrid spaces, project rooms, etc. We design with your business image in mind and produce stunning places to work. The choice of furniture is the primary decision that effects daily life at work and a comfortable and practical office environment and we have over 200,000 offices designed which means we have a successful history of perfectly matching your office needs to the correct furniture brands and design for your office. Your new office furniture will be beautiful, inviting and functional, with particular attention paid to the choice of chairs, tables, desks, storage and reception area. 

3D Rendering &


After selecting your product, design, and colors for your office furniture, we can provide a 3D render so you can better visualize your office.

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Step 3: Installation 

Rebuilding, Restructuring, refurbishment and remodeling are all parts that will happen during our Installation phase, with particular attention paid to the function, time-frame and ease of move-in. Ergonomics, adaptability and durability are our watchwords, and always with Desks Incorporated style!


Over 200,000 Office Installations and counting. Let Desks Incorporated build your office. Call or click today!

Step 4: Post Install Check-Ins

The most important part of any office design project is immediate and down the road follow-up to make sure your office design is meeting your goals. We realize companies grow and as your business grows so does your need for office design changes and new furniture for a growing staff. We'll be with you long after the last office furniture piece is installed and ready to assist you with office edits 24/7.

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