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Office Relocation- After a comprehensive site visit to discover the parameters of the project Desks Incorporated can help you determine how best to plan the relocation. We are focused on your needs and we will allocate the amount of equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure your move is done efficiently and cost effectively.



Office ReconfigurationDesks Incorporated utilizes our trained installation personnel to plan and execute based on your new office space needs and requirements. Desks Incorporated has participated in projects with all manufacturers products.



Donation- Desks Incorporated has arranged hundreds of donations to non-profits who are thrilled to receive usable office furnishings. This service originated with our desire to provide a service to the community that both benefits our environment and helps non-profits acquire usable office furnishings at little or no costs. Making a donation has several benefits to the company donating the furnishings. Financially you get the benefit of using the actual value of the donation on your taxes, as opposed to getting little or nothing from the sale of the items. And you also get to be a good neighbor and help the community, by offering those items to an organization that might not otherwise be able to purchase them.   



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Disposal & Green Recycling- Desks Incorporated gets daily request from our customers to help them with the disposal of recyclable non usable assets, our team will only send to landfill what cannot be recycled. Our commitment to Green practices has always started with a conscious effort to be aware of our environment. 

Chair & Panel Cleaning- At Desks Incorporated our trained experienced furniture techs utilize the most advanced equipment and environmentally green products to help you make your workspace as Healthy and clean as it can be. It has been determined that cleaning the chairs and upholstered office furnishings every two years is optimal for a Healthy workplace. Additionally using Fabric protection increases the resistance to moisture and soil as well as adding to the life expectancy of the furnishings being treated.  




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