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The Workhorse Of The Workplace.
Being good at everything is hard to pull off. And yet, that’s what the 10500 Series does so effortlessly. Designed with the versatility to accommodate everything from ultra-compact workspaces to large private offices to collaborative, open teaming areas, it’s an accomplished performer that takes care of business.
Purposeful and Uncomplicated.

They say it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. That’s why Mod provides everything you need for a productive and stylish office and nothing you don’t. With its versatile collection of laminate desk and storage solutions, Mod offers both variety and value to support all types of workstyles.


Education Solutions


Expanding the Potential for Learning

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Supporting a 21st century approach to learning means driving more meaningful connections for students and encouraging collaborative interactions. With a well-rounded portfolio of durable products designed to inspire and engage, HON seamlessly delivers spaces that help students, faculty, and administrators achieve their full potential.

Meeting the caregiver and patient needs with reliable, easy-to-clean, flexible furniture solutions

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In the wake of accelerated changes impacting healthcare, the role of space has never been as pivotal as it is today. With a portfolio of integrated product solutions and a simplified procurement process, HON delivers spaces that keep pace with the demands of today so you can elevate every experience to impact the way healthcare is delivered tomorrow.

                               Reimagine the Workplace                                              Voi not only gets you – it makes it all about you.


All for One and
One for All

Put the Pedal to the Metal

Voi is not your grandfather’s collection. With expressive aesthetic options, increased attention to personal storage needs, and multiple surface heights so you can change positions throughout the day. Voi is exactly what you need to tackle the new workday.

West Hill Lounge Collection

Make Your Space Exceptional

Explore quality pieces that blend residential style with commercial endurance for an end product that is as versatile as it is functional. Rich textures and colors create gorgeous motifs, while an ottoman attachment allows for configurations that integrate seamlessly anywhere in the office.
The Bold Look of Relaxed Productivity
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Accelerate Your Speed of Business

Put the Pedal to the Metal


Clean Design Encourages a Streamlined Workflow

  • Multiple configurations through a single solution and flexibility throughout each area of your space

  • Design features, including 120° and 72” panels, frameless glass, stacking panels and swinging doors, means it’s able to adapt to any user's needs

  • With countless fabric options, the possibilities to make your workstation your own are endless

Design Flexibility

You know how quickly business can change. You have to be nimble, adaptable. Accelerate is a streamlined and refined system that offers style and comfort while minimizing startup time and costs.


10500 Series

More Value for More Desk Adaptability

The Workhorse of the Workplace


One Size Fits All

  • One of the bestselling HON collections, it features a variety of sizes, shapes, and storage solutions for any work style or office arrangement

  • Best-in-class construction and wear-resistant laminate stand up for a lifetime

  • Options include single desks, L-shape, U-shape, work wall arrangements, and modular storage solutions

  • It's the premium quality total package offering more of what you need, for less than expected


Choose Your Stance

Whether you want to sit, stand, or alternate between, 10500 Series work surfaces are designed to rise to any occasion. Offering seated and standing height workstations as well as height-adjustable desks that can be raised and lowered with a simple touch, the 10500 Series supports multiple postures and encourages healthy movement.


Work Has Changed. Ignition Has Responded.

The Seat That Fits


Smart, Stylish, and Supportive

  • HON's Ignition task seating supports every body type

  • Customizable to your needs, Ignition offers exceptional functionality with sophisticated materials for pinpoint comfort just where you want it

  • With a great mix of back heights and styles to choose from, it works everywhere - just like you

  • Its wide selection of frame, mesh, and lumbar colors deliver customized aesthetics to any office

Built With You in Mind

There are a lot of reasons to love the all-in-one solution of an Ignition chair, but its customization capabilities are at the top of the list. The collection allows you to mix-and-match adjustment features, various back heights, and sleek design options. And with coordinating chairs for guests, community spaces, and more, Ignition is the leader of the pack when it comes to affordable style, comfort, support, and performance for any welcoming, productive environment.


A Healthier Way to Work

The Power to Move With You


You've Got to Stand For Something

  • Achieve the exact work surface height you desire with HON Coordinate

  • The popularity of sit-to-stand workstations and tables is a crucial element of today's organizations

  • The base includes a motor-activated lift that attaches to any HON work surface between 48"W and 72"W

  • Embrace  a healthier work style with Coordinate height-adjustable two-leg or three-leg bases

  • Because you can't always take things sitting down


Give The Entire Office a Raise

Talk about employee perks. Transform any work surface into sit-to-stand with our 2- or 3-stage bases that promote healthy postures and improved focus while boosting morale. The big bonus? Its ability to support settings ranging from open to private offices to meeting spaces.


Office Design & Planning 

Let our professional designers plan your new dream office today.

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