Divi Series

Designed to grow with your company. Its flexible platform is easy to reconfigure, into a new configuration, as your company grows. With the Divi system you can start to be a little more customizable by adding the Calibrate laminate storage and choosing from hundreds of different fabrics, laminates, paint options. Call in or contact us today to see what Divi can do for you. 

  • Panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack

  • Construct 60/120 or 45/135 degree environments with ease
    Segmented insert panels provide the freedom to customize
    Panel inserts are conveniently sold as pre-configured options
    Quick and easy installation equals lower install cost for client
    6″ base raceway to meet electrical and data needs

Signature Series

Choose from our all-new systems options and select among different typicals that can fit your office needs. These cubicles can be customized to your liking without breaking the bank, choose from Grade 1 finish options that provide you additional savings or Grade 2 finishes which provide you the most variety and options.

  • Panel widths range 12″-60″w

  • Panel heights range 32″-85″h with Modular Wall options up to 107″h

  • Segmented Glass, Fabric and Marker Board Stacker Options

  • Monolithic Fabric, Fabric Tack-able and Acoustic Options

  • Compatible with our Mullions for extra privacy or aesthetics

  • Electrical harness distributes double-sided, 4 circuit power within a cable management raceway

Matrix Series

Matrix is one of the most durable and customizable cubicles on the market today. This tile based cubicle allows you to put power wherever you please, customize tiles, add calibrate storage and much more. This cubicle is virtually limitless on options!

  • Electrical system offers cabling holes and design flexibility.

  • Post connectors allow 90, 120, and 135 degree configurations.

  • Many tile options: fabric acoustical, laminate, whiteboard, tool rail, embossed steel, perforated steel, painted steel, and glass. 

  • Linear trim for a clean, simplified appearance.

  • Variety of accessories to personalize the space.

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