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Bringing You Back Safely in 2021

Bringing You Back To Your Work Environment in 2021

Yes, there’s a vaccine. Thankfully. But that doesn’t mean that we’re going back to work the way it was. There are still concerns about safety and the need for precautionary health protocols. Many lessons were learned and industry leaders in office design, furnishings and installation have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts in a soon-to-be-post-COVID world.

You’ll See Smart Materials Everywhere

By “smart” we mean materials will be easy to maintain, resist mold and promote good air quality. These include antimicrobial fabrics, wipeable fabrics like vinyl, copper or metal surfaces, whiteboards, glass, steel and infused laminates.

More Defined Spaces

Bye-bye open concepts. You’ll see greater division of spaces using screens, sneeze guards and germ stoppers. Higher panels in workstations are returning and no workspaces will face each other. Workspace distancing of at least 6 feet will be the standard.

More Technology

You’ll see more “hands-free” and voice-activated technology in the workspace, including elevators and equipment. Apps will be used for environmental controls and you’ll find health-check equipment at entrances.

The Cleaner, The Better

We’ll continue to see a commitment to cleaning protocols in the workplace. Disinfectants will be stronger. Offices wil

l have clean desk policies. Many will embrace unassigned seating, which is easier to clean. There will be fewer handshakes and elbow rubbing. Many building maintenance programs will include creating better ventilation and the use of open windows. Expect to see increased humidity levels in offices—between 40-60%!

A Little Space, Please

Most workplaces will instigate or continue interaction protocols, where directional movement is prescribed using floor signs and tape. There will be more four day work weeks, staggered teams and other strategies to reduce density. Since many businesses have learned that working from home is an option, expect to see increased remote working and flexibility. You’ll also see more planning and preparation for public health emergencies.

Talk To An Expert

The team at Desks, Incorporated is ready to help you get your workspace into post-COVID shape. Whether you need guidance for creating new traffic patterns, disinfectant stations throughout your office, transparent shields to divide desks or other health and safety solutions, Desks, Incorporated is here to help.

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