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Create Office Zen in 2019

A lot of people are saying the want more Zen in their lives this year—and we get it! We could all use a little less clutter, a little more nature and a lot less demands in our lives. At Desk, Inc. in Denver, CO, we’re also hearing that a lot more business owners are wanting a workspace for employees that also reduces clutter, distractions, stress, anxiety and encourages relaxation when needed. They also want a workspace that encourages focus, performance and employee happiness. So how do you achieve that?

According to top office designers (including our very own talented staff), there are quite a few ways to achieve a more Zen-like atmosphere in your office space. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Color Counts

Just about everyone has a favorite color that makes you feel just plain good. And while everyone is different, studies have shown that certain colors evoke certain feelings or moods. Subdued colors can make us feel just that—subdued. These colors are usually grounded in nature, like shades of the earth, sky, plants, animals and even stones. Bright colors can create a vibrant, creative atmosphere. But too much vivid color can also create discord. Make sure there are spaces with more subtle colors so people can take a time out.

Aromatherapy is a Thing in 2019

We’re seeing more and more office spaces incorporate aromatherapy and the use of ultrasonic diffusers. Of course, retail stores, spas and wellness centers have already embraced this practice so it’s no surprise to see this migrating into large and small offices alike. These are some of the more popular fragrances to invoke a Zen-like feeling: Lemon (motivating), Rosemary (stimulates the mind), Peppermint (invigorates the senses) and Frankincense (lowers anxiety).

The Simplicity of Fresh Air

Office design is incorporating the use of more outdoor spaces, like patios, rooftop terraces and decks, where employees can gather and work, escape and get some fresh air and just enjoy a change of scenery. It’s important to have comfortable outdoor furniture so employees can be comfortable.

Healthy Spaces

Today’s office design also includes a place where employees can sit down and enjoy a healthy meal. While you may not be able to have a café or cafeteria on-site, you can provide comfortable spaces where employees can enjoy a meal from home (or order in) and re-energize with good food and conversation. Incorporating comfortable working spaces also encourages a doing a little work while you enjoy a healthy meal.

Don’t Forget Ergonomic Furnishings

All the soothing colors, aromatherapy and Zen-spaces in the world won’t help if office chairs, desks and other furnishings aren’t comfortable and ergonomic. Virtually every line of office furniture we carry at Desk, Inc. offers ergonomic options that will keep your employees comfortable while they’re working. That means fewer complaints about sore backs and stiff necks, lower absenteeism and maybe more productivity!

Talk To The Experts at Desk, Inc. In Denver

The design experts at Desks, Inc. are ready to help you create the perfect workspace for you—whether it’s your home office, a shared workspace or a corporate office, we can help guide you to the choices that make the most sense for your needs and budget. How Zen is that?

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