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Is An Office Interior Designer Worth The Expense?

Are you getting ready to renovate your office or move into a new one? Are you launching a new business and need an office space that will look great but be kind to your budget? Does that mean you need to hire an interior decorator for your office or can you just wing it yourself?

These days, everyone is looking to trim expenses. So how important is it to have a professional decorator help you design and furnish your office space? Actually, it’s pretty important. And for a lot of reasons.

Do You Want This Or That?

There are so many things to consider when setting up a new workspace for your business. Budget, size, color, style, work flow, noise, technology, lighting, culture, privacy, security, safety and more. There are a lot of decision to be made, but unless you have an endless budget, oftentimes you have to decide: do I want this or that, because I can’t afford both. A designer can help guide you to the right decisions.

Speaking of Decisions

Not only are there lots of decisions to make, there are a LOT of details to manage. These range from furniture and phone systems to HVAC, security and data systems. An interior designer for offices and workspaces is used to managing and juggling all the details. And wouldn’t you rather be focusing on your actual business instead?

First Impressions Are Important

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to make the right impression the first time you meet with a client. Your office needs to represent you well—it should fit your brand, your company culture and provide an environment that’s comfortable and safe in a COVID-19 world. A professional office designer can create a workspace that fits your unique needs and brand.

An Easy Way To Find The Right Designer

There are lots of interior designers out there, but most don’t specialize in workspaces. Oftentimes, office furniture retailers have designers on staff. Desks, Incorporated in Denver, CO has on-staff designers who are happy to meet with you, discuss your project and provide initial input and ideas without charge. If you decide to move forward, you and your designer will decide on a budget and move forward, leaving all of your headaches behind.

Blog #2

How To Make Your Office “Six Feet Safe”

COVID-19 has changed the way the world lives—and does business. You may have had the most beautiful, functional, well designed office in town, but suddenly that may not work for you anymore.

To make employees, clients and guests feel comfortable during the pandemic, it’s important that everyone can keep their distance—six feet, in fact. As of this writing, most communities and state governments still mandate a six foot rule. However, even if it’s not mandated, employees will appreciate knowing their employer is providing a safe workstation with the appropriate social distancing. They’ll be able to focus on productivity instead of worrying about getting sick.

Businesses have adopted more open concepts over the years, which can be challenging for social distancing. If your businesses uses large worktables that serve multiple workers, you may need to reduce the number of chairs and stagger them, or redesign your space. You might even need to add workstation “enclosures” like transparent plastic or glass to protect employees while still enabling them to interact and see one another. You’ll also need to provide quick, easy ways to disinfect workstations if they are shared. Some companies are investing in disposable, recyclable place mats for employee desks, so it’s easier for nightly cleaning crews to clean and disinfect the space thoroughly.

In addition to creating six foot spaces in conference rooms and workstations, you’ll need to create traffic flow in your office that easily allows employees to move through your office safely. Creating one-way lanes in hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, etc. make it easy for people to keep their distance.

Retrofit Your Workspace For COVID-19

You don’t have to throw out your current workspace furnishings in order to provide a safe and secure workspace for your employees, clients and visitors. The design experts at Desks, Incorporated in Denver, CO have solutions that can transition your office easily and affordably. Our designer is happy to meet you at your office or take a virtual tour in order to understand your needs and guide you to the right choices.

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