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Embrace Stylization As a New Design Strategy

Following the pandemic, it’s obvious that hybrid work is here to stay. A key challenge for businesses is finding ways to encourage workers to return to the office after working from home for months or even years. Stylization is an effective and overlooked solution. But what is it?

Stylization is all about using artwork, objects and artifacts, plants and greenery and experiential elements to connect workers in ways that architecture can’t achieve alone. It is designed to add warmth, depth and comfort to workspace surroundings and make the office feel more like home.

Stylization can also influence workers’ emotions and enhance productivity, boost mental well-being and encourage connections. Stylization consists of two complementary psychological states: awe and flow.

Design elements that create a sense of awe inspire a sense of curiosity and admiration. It encourages socialization and sharing. Design elements that facilitate a state of awe can provide workers with a sense of admiration and curiosity, encouraging socialization and sharing.

The first key element of stylization is artwork. It can reinforce the overall design aesthetic of space and complement other furnishings like furniture and lighting. Art can also support community messaging or building your brand.

Objects and artifacts like glassware, pottery, baskets, books and other design elements can link spaces to history and culture. They can make the environment feel more comfortable and familiar.

Plants and greenery help people stay connected to the outdoor world, even while indoors. They can provide a serene backdrop that promotes focus and reflection, while improving air quality indoors.

Experiential elements like signage, graphics and lighting can provide internal messaging to your team and even create a sense of wonder.

Not sure how to incorporate stylization into your workspace? The design specialists at Desks Inc in Denver are skilled at incorporating stylization into your office environment. Whether you need to outfit an entire workspace with furniture, lighting and design elements, or just breathe new life into your existing space, talk to the experts at Desks Inc. Call 303-747-4227 or visit the showroom at 445 Bryant St., Suite 8 in Denver.

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