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Hello 2021!

Helloooooo 2021

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for—leaving 2020 and all of its wretchedness behind. But New Year’s Day is just a day. We’re not done with COVID-19 just yet. In fact, the safety protocols that went into work environments may be here to stay. That said, a new year is something to celebrate.

Some businesses were able to survive 2020. Some didn’t. One such company was Office Liquidators, one of the largest vendors for office furniture in Colorado. Desks, Incorporated was able to acquire their website and client lists and is reaching out to let their customers know that we’re here to help with any new, used and refurbished office furniture needs. We promise to take good care of you.

While many of the trends for workspaces in the new year are all about safety and wellness protocols (we’ll cover that in the next blog), we thought it’d be nice to take a look at other workplace trends.


It’s been a “thing” for several years now. Conscientious companies are recognizing the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Sustainability and eco-responsibility will continue to gain ground in 2021. Some companies will choose to purchase refurbished and used office furnishings when possible, to keep these items out of landfills. Others will look for furnishings that use natural woods and materials that are “green.”

Another trend that goes along with sustainability in design is the use of nature in the workspace. You’ll see more plant walls, trees and plants used in offices. You’ll also see open concepts that allow more natural light in the environment.

Home-Like Atmospheres

Since much of America’s workforce has been working from home, as they move back into their offices, they’ll want a more home-like environment. Expect to see more sofas with coffee stables, coffee bars with stools and lounge areas.

Conference Room Transitions

We expect to see more conference rooms made into break rooms, where employees can have a place to take a break, heat up food and have a moment to relax.

And The Color For 2021 Is….

Look for a lot of neutral colors in the workspace this year, with splashes of Classic Blue (The Pantone Color of the Year), pale greens and light orange.

Here’s To A Better Year

With the vaccine becoming available, we expect to see more companies inviting their employees back into the workspace. But workspace behaviors, protocols and designs won’t be the same. The team at Desks Incorporated in Denver has put together a look into 2021 work environments for our next blog. It’s an ever-evolving situation and some of the changes may surprise you!

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