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Six Design Tips To Create An Inspiring Office Space

When you’re designing an office space for you and coworkers, it’s a little more complicated than designing a home office just for you. There are lots of personalities and opinions in the mix and it’s not easy to address everyone’s needs, much less their wants. The office experts at Desks Incorporated in Denver have put together this list of Six Design tips that can help any office, large or small, feel more inspiring—and hopefully inspire more productivity at the same time!

1. Add Color. By choosing the right colors for your office, you can influence how your coworkers feel. Blue and green hues are calming and ideal for areas where employees spend quiet time. Red and yellow hues can spark creativity, inspire employees and stimulate productivity. The last thing you want is a boring, beige office work space.

2. Use Adaptable Furniture. Yes, you want your office to be comfortable. But you don’t want it to be your living room. Choose furniture that is comfortable AND ergonomic. After all, most employees will be spending 8+ hours there every day and you want furniture that’s good for their health.

3. Invest In Plants. Most people don’t have a window in their office, but it’s possible to bring the outdoors inside! Invest in plants—not only by the windows, but choose succulents or cacti for inner offices or desks. Plants make a room come to life and are known to have soothing effects, as well.

4. Something For Everyone. Some people work best alone in a quiet workspace. Others thrive while communicating with others and exchanging ideas with them. That’s why it’s important to have both kinds of workspaces within your office environment. Provide areas where people can work together and talk about ideas, as well as quiet areas where they can focus on their projects in peace.

5. Let Employees Express Themselves (Within Reason). Office spaces should inspire, motivate and invigorate employees. They will be more productive if their cubicle or office can reflect who they are through the use of little art pieces, photos and décor. It can make them feel better about their work and employer (you).

6. Your Office Should Reflect Your Brand. When a client or potential client walks in to your office, it’s one of the first exposures to your brand. You’ll want to choose your color scheme accordingly and make sure that office décor reflects the brand attitude.

If this sounds overwhelming and you’re not quite sure how to implement these ideas, talk to one of the office design experts at Desks Incorporated In Denver. We’ve helped design and furnish thousands of offices in the Denver Metro Area, from small home offices to major corporations. We’re family owned and operated—and veteran-owned, as well. We’ll work hard to provide you with new, used or certified refurbished office furniture and furnishings that fit your budget and your style. We look forward to talking with you!

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