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Six Tips To Help You Adjust To Going Back To The Office

Since the pandemic, our working situations have dramatically changed. Many Americans had to start working remotely and learned how to handle the bed-to-Zoom commute. But many companies are asking employees to return to the office—if not fulltime, then at least a hybrid combination.

Many employees are feeling anxious about returning to the office. So how can employees prepare for a return to the office so it’s a positive experience?

1. Be compassionate with yourself and others. The past two years were challenging for everyone. While we may have enjoyed some aspects of working from home, there were also difficulties, like dealing with children and pets while trying to work. By being home all the time without familiar structures and routines, many employees overworked. Give yourself—and your fellow team members—time to adjust to being back at the office.

2. Establish new routines. Because you are having to incorporate a commute back into your timetable, you’ll need to adjust your schedule. You’ll probably have to give yourself time to prepare meals if you need to bring lunch to work or have dinner preparations ready for when you get home. You’ll also need to give yourself time to prepare your work clothes that have been hanging in the closet.

3. Set boundaries. For the past two years, working from home blurred a lot of boundaries. People were able to email you any time, so the boundaries between work and home life got lost. When you shift back to an office, you can reset your boundaries in terms of communication, availability and when you’re available to answer emails. Share these boundaries with your team and employers so there is an understanding about boundaries.

4. Be patient. Everyone is adjusting to this new normal. You can expect your company to shift protocols over time. Manage expectations with patience and flexibility. Be open for improvement and share your ideas and solutions as well.

5. Celebrate together. Your company was able to survive the pandemic. You can have spontaneous conversations in the hallways, celebrate birthdays, share ideas and collaborate face to face. Try to focus all the good things about being back in the office instead of dwelling in what’s not working. It’s not going to be perfect overnight, but if there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, is we’re capable of being creative problem solvers together.

Freshen Up Your Space And Your Perspective

You may be going back to your old workspace in your office, or your company may have reimagined your office space in order to address healthy protocols. Keep an open mind, and refresh the space you have. While working at home, you probably enjoyed having more “homey” touches and advantages. Don’t be afraid to introduce some of those things that you enjoyed into your office away from home—plants, indirect lighting, artwork that makes you happy.

Talk To An Expert

If your company needs to reimagine the office to create more open, collaborative spaces, embrace desk sharing or incorporate more safety precautions in your office design, talk to Desk Inc in Denver. Desks Inc has been helping companies and individual create ideal workspaces since 1956 and would love to help you. Stop by our showroom at 444 Bryant St, Suite 8 in Denver or call 303-816-3419.

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