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The Benefits of Using a Sit Stand Desk

Are Sit Stand Desks just a fad? Are they really healthier to use than a standard desk? We talked to the office furniture experts at Desks Inc in Denver and this is what they had to say.

The Latest Research

• According to a study of 8,000 adults done at Columbia University, breaking up a day of sitting with any kind of physical activity reduces the risk of an early death.

• Another study at the University of Leicester NHS Trust in the U.K. found that adjustable standing desks improved job performance and psychological health.

• Research shows that the greatest benefit of standing desks is the ability to move during the desk-bound work day. However, just like you don’t want to sit all day, you don’t want to stand all day either. You want a Sit Stand Desk that is easy to adjust from sitting, kneeling, standing or leaning.

• Research also shows that you should adjust your position at a desk or take a walking break every hour.

More Powerful Facts About Sit Stand Chairs

A study by International Journal of Workplace Health management shows that 65 percent of subjects who got a standing desk reported increased productivity. In addition, 47 percent saw an improvement in upper back, neck and shoulder pain.

By the time most workers retire, they will have spent 90,000 hours working. A Sit Stand Desk is a key tool to make sure there is sufficient movement during the work day to reduce neck and back pain, fatigue and absenteeism.

Talk To Desks Inc in Denver

Looking for Sit Stand Desks in Denver or anywhere in Colorado? You’ll find the most options to fit your style and budget at Desks Inc. Located at 445 Bryant St., Suite 8 in Denver, Desks Inc is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. You can also call 303-816-3419 to make an appointment. Since 1956, Desks Inc has created more than 200,000 ideal office environments in Colorado. Talk to the office furniture experts at Desks Inc today.

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