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The Future of Office Furniture

The Future of Office Furniture

If you own a business, you know that furniture is one of the most important considerations when outfitting an office. Functional office design has to provide chairs, desks and other furniture in order for work tasks to be carried out. You want the furnishings to be high quality, so your employees feel good about their environment and the furniture will last for a long time. However, times are changing and there are new considerations to keep in mind when furnishing an office—and more changes are on the horizon. The office design experts at Desks Incorporated in Denver put together some information about the future of office furniture and how it could affect you.

The Emergence of 3D Printing

One day in the not so distant future, 3D printing will be used to fully customize furniture, with adjustments being make to the size and height of chairs and tables to fit individual employees! The shape of backrests could also be customized so it fits an employee—or the available office space—perfectly.

Smart Furniture

We’re seeing more and more ergonomic furniture design entering the marketplace. This is great for both employees and employers. Ergonomic furniture can help alleviate health problems within the office environment. A great example of this technology is the Sit/Stand Desk, which helps reduce back aches and increase activity levels during the day. The better an employee feels at work, the lower the staff turnover and health issues!

Sleep Pods

Progressive companies are seeing the benefit of providing dedicated nap rooms for employees to use during the day. Naps can help reduce the levels of stress and alleviate health problems like backaches, too. Innovative companies like Google and Uber have already embraced sleep pods and more and more companies are seeing the benefits.

Talk To An Office Design Expert

While you may not be ready to add sleep pods and 3D printed furniture to your office yet, there are lots of great office chair, desk and furniture designs that can help your work staff feel more comfortable and feel healthier in your office. Talk to one of the experts at Desks Incorporated. As Denver’s Office Furniture experts, we can provide recommendations that will fit your goals and your budget.

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